Vivien Nguyen (she/her)
PhD Student
Princeton University
vivienn princeton dot edu
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I am currently a first year PhD student in Computer Science at Princeton University, where I am advised by Professor Szymon Rusinkiewicz!

I received my BA (‘19) in CS and MS (‘20) in EECS at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, I was advised by Professor Ren Ng. I was also extremely fortunate to be mentored by Cecilia Zhang and Shiry Ginosar at BAIR.

My research interests are in computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning; I’m particularly interested in problems related to the digital humanities, computational photography, and human perception. I’m also especially excited by preserving, studying, and visualizing cultural heritage.

Aside from these, I’m passionate about STEM education and mental health advocacy! In my free time, I like baking and learning to paint. I’m one of those people who can’t survive without coffee (preferred method: pour over), I like video games but I’m not very good at them(currently playing: Teamfight Tactics), and I think corgis are so cute they make me want to cry.

Publications and Projects

You can view all my projects here.


Course Description Semester
CS 184 (Berkeley) Computer Graphics and Image Processing (Co-Instructor) Summer 2020 (first summer offering!)
CS 184 (Berkeley) Computer Graphics and Image Processing (GSI) Spring 2020
CS 184 (Berkeley) Computer Graphics and Image Processing (Head uGSI) Spring 2019
CS 168 (Berkeley) Networking and Internet Architecture (uGSI) Fall 2018
CS 184 (Berkeley) Computer Graphics and Image Processing (uGSI) Spring 2018

Work Experience

Where What When
NVIDIA Graphics and Content Developer Engineer Intern
Tone mapping in RTX, render data collection pipeline, CUDA-Vulkan interop
May - Aug 2019
NVIDIA Software Tools for Hardware Infrastructure Intern
Building tools for debugging hardware performance, profiling graphics pipelines
May - Aug 2018